Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Bulverde - Singing Hills

5 rating

Robyn did a great job on my hair! Loved the MVP treatment. Quick service too.

2 rating

I first went into the Bulverde store thinking I was going to get a free hair cut with the coupon I had. And after the hair cut was done the stylist told me that since I had been to another store in the past I wasn't considered e new customer. Which is fine but that should have been stated up front. I do not see what you get for 20.00 just to cut hair. There are cheaper places you can go where its lower all of the time and not just with a coupon. Plus I think it’s ridiculous I have to give a lot of my info just to get a haircut. Such as email, address, and phone number, just so you can spam me with email or leave messages on my phone for some telemarketer in another county to call and bother me. The old theme of kiss is still true today, I come in and pay for a haircut and I leave. Kiss (keep it simple stupid). Not, I need all this info just so I get a haircut, needless to say I won’t be back, and the store is over rated and overpriced. I have to say the massage is a joke, who wants a creepy vibrator rubbed on them, yuck. When I told the stylist how I wanted it cut it took more then I thought it should have to explain in detail what keep it like it is and just shorter means. I loved the old true barber where there was no BS or hype, it was basic and good skill was shown. A true person with skill should know all the lingo associated with the business. Thanks but no thanks. I thought it would be good to have another place to choose from but it turned out to be a dud. Back to ole reliable.

5 rating

Two haircuts - great job on both! Stylists did a great job with my curly/wavy hair. Will be back.

Rated 3.3 out of 5.0 based on 4 Client reviews

Liam D | May 14, 2017 Overall Experience

"Went to get haircut on Sunday and was supposed to be open at 11.00 am but still not open at 11.15 s"